Last update made in 2004.12.29

    "Barvi" LTD is one of progressive, fast growing timber company in Latvia. We begin our business in 1998, and now we are celebrating 6 years of producing experience. We started to produce timber material with only one sawmills in Tiegazi (Latvia) and we were selling our material in domestic market for biggest furniture producers.

    During developing time we opened second, sawmill in Madonna (Latvia) with much bigger ability to produce unseasoned material. 

    At this moment, we have business partners in Europe and United Kingdom. We improving and developing our export line selling our material in UK but at the same time we have good relationship in our domestic market. "Barvi" LTD products meet the requirements of British and Irish Quality standards.

    Our company looking for the future and we have another sawmill in Russia and good relationship with Belarusian's partners. 

     "Barvi" LTD is one of the biggest timber company - producers in Latvia and we employed over 100 people witch give as ability to produce 3000 m - in month.

      Company from year 2004 find a new area of focus. Scrap steel export from Russia Federation to Europe and other countries all around the world. In a month we can supply till 15000 tons of scrap steel (HMS1 and HMS 2).


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